4x4 Color Swatches (Clearance)

$ 60.00 $ 79.00

Here is your last chance to get the 4x4 Swatches from me. 

NOTE:  Once my supply of these swatches are out, I won't be getting more. 


The 4x4 Color Swatches are finally here! 

Please read important information about the swatches before you purchase by clicking here.. 

 These swatches follow the advanced 4x4 Color System

Color palettes include the following:

* 60 beautiful colors per palette 

* Each color is made from high quality card stock.

* Each color lists on the back:

  • Color: the name of the color
  • Temperature: Warm, Cool or Neutral
  • Wardrobe Use: Core, Basic or Accent
  • Effects: The psychological effect of the color

These are perfect for keeping in your purse to have on hand when you shop!

*Also included with your purchase is a 25 page eBook that corresponds to your season. It includes makeup and hair color advice, tips on how to wear black, your best light and dark neutrals for your season, and much more. 


*(please read below about international shipping)

IMPORTANT: there are no refunds unless they are defective. These are for individuals who are certain of their season. If you are unsure, please get a color analysis first to be certain. 

*To keep shipping costs low, I use USPS First Class shipping on all items unless otherwise requested (additional costs apply) and this does NOT provide any type of tracking of your item. For US clients, I do provide delivery confirmation but for international orders this service is not available. There is no tracking or delivery confirmation on anything shipped outside the US for USPS First Class. If you prefer a different method of shipping (UPS, Global Express, FedEx, which do offer tracking and insurance), contact me directly to discuss options. 


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